Balkan Online Gambling Potential Measured

Published Thursday, February 05, 2009 -

MECN or the Media and Entertainment Consulting Network has just released an in depth report containing the statistics on the potential for increased online gambling in the Balkan states.

This is a massive report full of real time information for the online gambling entrepreneur. MECN gathered information from regulators and operators combining expert advice with localized research. Interviewing 90 marketers and operators the data is comprehensive. The Balkan gambling market numbers are there along with the latest in legal and tax legislation. Internet gambling is one of the sectors in the report that many investors are taking a close look at.

Balkan states are in a good position to increase revenues from online gambling services and licencing.

MECN suggests the market could be worth up to Euro 4.5 billion. Information based on established gambling activities mostly on sports.

Intralot a company from Greece, and a leading provider of state-of-the-art integrated gaming systems, is leading the charge in the Balkan states. Intralot provides top notch game content, network integration, transaction processing and services. It's subsidiaries and business offices around the globe spans five continents in 40 countries.

With 43 million Internet users and about 7 million broadband connections, new participants will define the market potential for online gambling in the region.

Sixty percent of the experts interviewed offered the opinion that a process of liberalisation is coming, assuring the online gambling public that a legalised and properly regulated industry is possible. Optimism is the key word in the Balkan online gambling market, now that the research has been completed. Turkey and Greece have the largest market share, both of these nations present state monopoly and legal obstacles. Once the Croatians, Romanians, Slovenians, and Bulgarians, start playing online games the potential for profits will soar.

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