Even Money on USA Online Gambling Issue

Published Saturday, February 07, 2009 - Online-Casinos.com

Obama's Administration has yet to legalize online gambling.
The prominent United Kingdom bookmaking firm, William Hill has offered to accept bets as to whether online casino gambling will be legalized during the current Obama administration.
The bookmaking firm is taking bets at even money signalling not only their objective view over the issue but also the prospects as to whether the Obama administration and the new Congress will act to legalize and regulate online gambling.
Due to dire economic and international circumstances that continue to absorb the concentration of most economic administrations globally, including that of the US President and Congress, it is hoped that the mood on Capitol Hill could be friendlier to Internet casinos than in recent years. One has only to reflect on the out-going Bush administration and how much attention was given to the worrisome online gambling opponents who are deeply rooted in unreasoning zealotry.
However, the perceived need to protect all consumers including children and problem gamblers with the legalization and regulation of online gambling is perhaps long overdue; one can only hope decisions based on logic prevail. Rules based on Reason ensure laws are enacted to guard against for one example: money laundering then the means of massive revenue collection, a source for public funding will not be the baby thrown out with the bath water.
Licensing fees as well as monies from Lotteries and Gambling in general garner revenue in many countries for funding good and worth-while community projects, an idea not lost on any balanced administration. The recent statements issued by Obama show despite nerve-racking calls for US protectionism cooler heads prevail in the White House. The bets for balance are 50/50.

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