Gala Casinos British Poker Tour Cancelled

Published Sunday, February 08, 2009 -

Gala Casinos has stunned the poker player world with the announcement it will be cancelling the Gala Poker Tour. The tour is widely recognized as one of the most popular in the UK attracting a large majority of UK professional poker players. The Gala Casinos British Poker Tour (or GCBPT) is the U.K.'s finest poker tour taking in 6 regional festivals hosted in Gala Casinos.

The difficult decision was based on Gala Casinos desire to increase the emphasis on their online operations.The move does make sense in the current economy but most insiders think there is still a demand for a live poker tour in the UK. With guaranteed prize money approaching $14 million, Gala Casinos will now hold a series of Jackpot games, something which is sure to get the attention of poker players around the globe. Gala will also be launching a number of satellite games for entry into some of Europe's largest poker tournaments.

Gala Casinos has been very successful in the past running the Poker Tour but has found that it is not fiscally sensible to run it this year. Other Poker tours in the U.K. have not been nearly as popular, begging the question, if Gala isn't going to do it why should the other companies try? The online gambling world is growing fast and with companies like Gala Casinos putting their efforts into more online activities it is sure to send a clear message to the gaming public that the expansion of online gambling is here to stay. We are hopeful that Allan Vinson the 2008 Great British Poker Champion will be online for the series offered by Gala. Opening up the world to the game is the aim, so lets hope Gala Casinos provides the online equal to it's so popular Poker Tour.

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