Vietnam Online Gambling Faces Challenge

Published Thursday, February 19, 2009 -

Southern Vietnam's Tay Ninh Province, is very close to the Cambodian border where the King's Casino operates. Online gamblers are able to access games there via their laptop computers. Ho Chi Minh City is a place where gambling online takes place 24/7 regardless of the current ban in Vietnam. Regardless of the law it takes place within a large number of different occupations and affluence levels, mostly carried out by referral from active players. Networked accounts with agents in Ho Chi Minh City allowed for wagers and payment in a world that has seen a few ups and downs for some participants.

The Ministry of Public Security for Vietnam said an investigation into online gambling rings would be launched after learning the casino may have collected up to hundreds of thousands of US dollars per day from gamblers in certain districts of the country. The police are far behind the laptop online gambling circuit, as yet the authorities have not brought any online gambling operators to justice. Charges could be laid against those operating these services but only fines would be given to those convicted if the value of the suspect operation was less than $1 million Vietnamese dollars.

A Vietnamese Bar Association official said the gamblers could also face criminal charges if $1 million Vietnamese dollars or just $57 U.S.dollars or more was involved in the case. Some unscrupulous operators aren't giving the gamblers a fair shake, A familiar complaint to the authorities. Deposits were cashed without any benefit, and games seemed to be rigged to favour the house some players said. It looks like Vietnam may have some serious growing pains with the Internet before they bring the country up to speed with online gambling.

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