EGBA Newsletter Launched

Published Wednesday, February 25, 2009 -

Secretary General for the European Gaming and Betting Association, Sigrid Ligné, announced the launch of the EGBA's Newsletter.

"It will help not only law makers and regulators making reasoned and informed decisions but it will also help individuals in choosing how to play in a safe and responsible way," Ligné said during introductory comments.

EGBA, is supported by major European online gambling operations. It is an industry body working to create a level competitive playing field within the EU online gaming and betting jurisdictions. The introduction of the newsletter coincides with EGBA's second Responsible Gaming Day.

Ligné notes, "All too often, our industry is judged on myths rather than facts," adding, " In a few jurisdictions, we are beginning to see moves away from national market protectionism and a fair appreciation of the benefits of a standards and technology driven regulated online gaming industry. But there is still a long way to go before freedom of choice for millions of European consumers becomes a reality throughout Europe."

The premier issue of the EGBA Newsletter includes articles on the free movement of goods and services in the European Union including integrity in sportsbetting. An article by Karyn Bright from GB Group plc. includes detailed information on verifying customer identity in the 21st century using electronic tools. Bright also notes in her article "ID verification solutions, ensuring players are who they say they are, helps online gaming operators create a responsible gaming environment." a reference to the GB Group's white paper "Remote Gambling and KYC - from Compliance to Cash."

The EGBA Newsletter is sure to be a sought after resource for all interested parties and stakeholders.

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