Poker Session Could Hit Seven Figures

Published Monday, March 02, 2009 -

Profit from a marathon poker session could easily hit seven figures. This is tempting bait for those in the world with the backing and stamina to try out for a stint as a poker player online. The amount of money wagered in the high stakes online poker games over the past few years has been staggering. Now without a doubt the number of opportunities to play those high end games has become much more limited.

Factors contributing to this are varied but many see the ban in the U.S.A. on online gambling to be a major reason. Some people are still up to the challenge and want to put real cash on the line for the possible heavy score.

New Jersey U.S.A. born Tom Dwan is one such individual. Seen as one of the very best players in the world, this champ is ramping up the scene with a call to the table that makes the big name poker aces think twice about facing him. The 22-year-old, is waiting patiently for some high rollers to take up his game, but those willing to play him for $100,000 a shot are almost non existant. There could around half a million dollars being wagered on the web at any one time.

Young Dwan will play against someone for 50,000 hands at no-limit hold'em or pot-limit Omaha at minimum stakes of $200/$400. Dwan and his opponent will be bringing $40,000 to each table and they will be playing a minimum of four tables.

Should Dwan's opponent be ahead even by just $1 at the end of 50,000 hands Dwan will pay out $1.5 million. If Dwan is ahead, his opponent owes him $500,000. The winning player keeps the profit he makes from the marathon session.

Ben Sulsky a top online professional player states: "It's highly likely someone will win or lose $5 million plus over the course of the match." Sulsky adds, "It probably won't take the full 50k hands to make apparent who the better player is, so someone will likely buy out. But then ego is such a huge component of this thing on both sides that there is always a chance for a bloodbath,"

Multiple World Series of Poker winner Phil Ivey and Finland's Patrik Antonius are looking for some action. With the larger payout being in their favour, this session may be hard to set aside. Whatever the outcome it's sure to be white knuckle head to head excitement.

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