U.K. MP's Want More Action

Published Wednesday, March 18, 2009 - Online-Casinos.com

In the U.K. parliament MPs are calling on the government to do more to prevent people getting into debt through online gambling. Conservative MP Bob Neill told the Commons that the "enormous growth" of the internet means there are now around seven thousand online gambling sites and most of them are not effectively regulated. The minister responsible, Gerry Sutcliffe, said £15m will soon be spent on tackling gambling addiction.

Official figures show that the total number of unemployed rose by 165,000 over the last three months in the U.K. with the total number now over two million, a figure not seen since 1997. People are looking for entertainment with all this time out. Problems arise when people are not busy making a living. There is also the possibility of quick riches with the participation of online gambling.

Some people are doing well at poker for instance as in the example of young 21 year old Andrew Feldman from Watford U.K. who has managed to win £4 million just three years after quitting his paper route to play online poker full time. Unfortunately not everyone has this young man's luck or for that matter natural skill for his game of choice. Then there is Jim Riley from Bedfordshire, UK, who won £95,000 while playing the slots at an online casino. With big wins as the temptation sometimes small wins can be just as exciting. It is no wonder more and more people are drawn to online gambling as a form of relaxation and entertainment.

Most responsible governments want to see people be their own gambling control boards. Just as with other forms of entertainment keeping an eye on levels of consumption is always a wise thing but it is good to know that help is there should the need arise. Canada sees online gambling increasing in leaps and bounds although online gambling in Canada is illegal. The Canadian government is putting money into helping those who may have trouble with online gaming, setting aside a portion of lottery winnings to educate the consumer about responsible gambling. It is a good thing when governments put in place solutions to these issues before they become big problems. Remember playing responsibly means you will always be a winner.

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