Bodog Retrieves Online Gambling Domain

Published Tuesday, April 21, 2009 -

Bodog has finally retrieved it's still valuable domain names lost to the default judgement obtained by First Technology LLC two years ago. The settlement of the bitterly contested action launched by First Technology ends a dispute which dates back to 2007. Dr. Scott Lewis's First Technology LLC company obtained a default judgement for almost $50 million and the surrender of Bodog's domain names on the grounds of possible technology patent infringements.
The Morris Mohawk Gaming Group CEO Mr. Alwyn Morris, said of the judgement, "While the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group was not the judgment debtor, the MMGG is the exclusive licensee of the "Bodog" brand within the region and, as such, activities that impact the brand necessarily impact our businesses. We are pleased to have worked constructively with 1st Technology and its principals to bring an end to this protracted dispute. This resolution will provide certainty and will also allow us to continue to enhance our technology base for online gaming in order to provide our users with unfettered access to the best technology,"

1st Technology's Dr. Scott Lewis commented on the agreement, stating, "We are pleased to have finally resolved this dispute, and applaud Mr. Morris for his proactive and constructive approach."

The financial details of which remain confidential by common consent of the parties, are not available.

Dr. Scott Lewis is an early multimedia pioneer and developed patented tech tools that provide enhanced interactivity and optimized delivery of high quality multimedia information over various bandwidth networks including narrowband and broadband telephone, cable, and wireless Internet.

The now retired founder of Bodog, Calvin Ayre gives full credit to Alwyn Morris for this breakthrough. Mr. Morris said, "We wanted to remove any residual uncertainty that this case had created, and we wanted to acquire the domains - it was a straightforward business decision."

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