Online Gambling Ads on ESPN

Published Monday, May 04, 2009 -

The USA's most popular sports news website and network ESPN is allowing the online gambling operator to be one of it's sponsors. Horse racing coverage on the ESPN network has been airing a video advertizement for Youbet concerning horse racing at the famous Churchill Downs in Kentucky.

OCA analyst Sherman Bradley, says, "Online gambling opponents decry the harm gaming sites pose to children, but somehow certain sites like Youbet are allowed to advertise on one of the most-watched networks for teenage boys Seems to be about who you know, not any moral issue,"

"Sign up and get your first $25 bet free!" the advertisement states "! You in?" just call the 888 phone number to call in your bets, or go online and visit the Youbet website for more action. This comes on the heels of the state of Minnesota's attempt to outlaw online gambling by censoring 200 web sites that offer internet wagering to residents.

The state of Kentucky also disregards's ads for it's internet betting service. Kentucky has been in the courts ever since it seized 141 online gambling site domain names. Churchill Downs and the horse racing industry does provide revenue for the state of Kentucky so the officials there turn a blind eye on the illegal activities of Youbet. Minnesota on the other hand does not gain revenue from either Youbet or Churchill Downs. So far there has been no comment from officials of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety regarding restrictions concerning the web site or the phone number available from Youbet. the validation for lawmakers and prosecutors of online gambling operators has been to protect tax revenues from going offshore. At this stage there seems to be no reason why the very same people would allow this kind of activity to go on.

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