Online Betting Betfair Tackles Dutch Government

Published Friday, May 08, 2009 -

Betfair calls it's self one of the biggest betting companies in the UK and Ireland. Betfair is sure that the Dutch Government's attempt to prevent banks from processing betting transactions made over the internet are nothing more than a "desperate move" to protect the Dutch state gambling monopoly, De Lotto. Betfair is based in Hammersmith in West London, England. The company claims to have over 2,000,000 customers and is considered the largest bookmaker in the world.

Western Australia decided to ban the use of betting exchanges in January of 2007 and Betfair successfully claimed the new law there was in violation of the Constitution of Australia. Now Betfair is preparing to take the Dutch Government to court for placing what they have deemed to be unfair restrictions on Dutch banks attempting to process bet payments.

The Dutch Ministry of Justice sent a letter around to banks urging them to terminate all relationships with internet gambling operators. This action propelled the company to file a lawsuit against the Ministry as well as lodging a formal complaint with the European Commission.

Mark Davies, Managing director of Betfair, said, the ministry's actions, "fly in the face of the EU principles of open and fair competition," adding, "the Government's objective of shutting out foreign operators while feather-bedding domestic monopolies and protecting a cosy cartel cannot be allowed to continue."

Licensed to operate in the UK, Malta, Austria and Germany, Betfair, maintains that they are entitled to accept bets from the Netherlands because Dutch residents are currently allowed to bet online with De Lotto. Betfair is a licensed operator in the EU community.

"It is madness that the Netherlands, as one of the founding members of the single market, has resorted to illegal tactics that prevent consumer choice and go against the treaty," Davies, concluded.

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