China Keeps Online Gambling Crooks Running

Published Tuesday, June 16, 2009 -

In China the government is trying very hard to be responsible to it's people by keeping unscrupulous criminals off the streets. Their big dilema now in the twenty first century is keeping it's citizens safe from the internet criminals. The most vulnerable can be convinced so easily with fake emails and promises of riches.

Recently Chinese officials have been getting down to business when it comes to enforcing the online gambling laws currently in the massive country. A Chinese Chief of Police from Xianning City announced that his officers have just put the stop on six major gambling operations. It is thought that the raids have put a real dent into the illegal betting ring. The pinch is expected to lead to 27 arrests and almost a hundred million dollars confiscated. The raids were the result of a year-long investigation, the head of Public Security Bureau in Xianning City said. They looked into the gambling habits of tens of thousands of residents at online casinos.

Police chief Gong Dao'an said the gangs operating the Internet gaming sites had taken in over $7 billion since 2004. A police administrator was quoted, "Most of the gambling funds have flowed to overseas gambling groups through underground money laundering channels," The money seized represented what was left in domestic bank accounts, but the majority had left the country, Police chief Gong Dao'an assumed. He also said the gambling operations involved sports betting, horse racing, and card games, and that the gangs running the sites would give credit to players at very high rates. He is called on foreign authorities to look for the money offshore, adding that seven of the leaders of the gambling operations were also being sought by Interpol. If apprehended the operators would face prison terms of only three to ten years, little to deter potential violators from trying again.

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