Online Gambling Welcomes New Security Solution

Published Monday, July 20, 2009 -

Developed at the Georgia Institute of Technology's College of Computing, Pramana delivers the most powerful, comprehensive, device-independent security framework in the security solutions business. Founded in June 2007 the company is headquartered in Alpharetta, Ga., USA with a research and development office in India. The patent-pending, HumanPresent(TM) solution was created to prevent financial fraud and reputation hacking. The release of its innovative new HumanPresent(TM) online abuse and prevention program will focus on marketing it's solution to financial services, online gaming & gambling, webmail, internet service providers, and social networking sites.

This technology solution establishes a transparent security framework allowing online enterprises to distinguish human communications from phoney bot or software-generated activity in real time. It is non-intrusive and invisible to the end-user, while verifying legitimate and desired Internet use. HumanPresent(TM) monitors and validates the entire user session from the start of a transaction to the it's conclusion. It also defeats human CAPTCHA entry attempts and other CAPTCHA breaking methods.

David Crowder, Chief Executive Officer, of Pramana, said, "While the technology solution can be used by any business with any online presence, the company is focusing its initial efforts in markets that are highly susceptible to fraud from increasingly malicious botnets, botnets have become exceptionally sophisticated and pervasive," He added, " and our proactive solution is designed to constantly evolve and stay a step ahead of attacks. Our goal is to reduce fraud and abuse for our clients, so they can focus on their day-to-day operations and protect their business."

Julie Compann, Chief Executive Officer of, ZCorum, who participated in Pramana's early pilot program said this about the new solution, "Our standard solution, a CAPTCHA, requires additional information when logging into Webmail, which can be an annoyance to customers. Pramana's HumanPresent(TM) technology offers an elegant security solution that is transparent to the end user and effective in stopping SPAM and automated account access."

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