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Published Sunday, August 09, 2009 -

A report recently published says sponsorship for the 20 top clubs has gone from £75 million two years ago to £65 million this year. That's a significant drop in the interest sponsors have in putting their logos on football team jerseys. Six clubs are at the top of the spending, accounting for £53 million of the total. Manchester United and City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur continue garner most of the interest in the Premier League usually at the expense of the smaller clubs.

The Bolton Wanderers and Wigan Athletic will share sponsorship by 188Bet. The online gambling company is thought to have paid a total of only £1.1 million for the deals. Nigel Currie, director of brandRapport, the company that produced the study said, "The popularity of Premier League football across 220 countries means that local sponsors have been substituted by global brands, who want worldwide exposure," adding, "They pay big money for the top names, but they want three or four-year deals and not the uncertainty that goes with the smaller teams, who could be facing regulation." "Companies now know that sponsorship takes them straight into the editorial of programmes so that they cannot be ignored."

Mintel another research expert forecasts that sponsorship income will improve by £1 million this year to £487 million, but, with the London 2012 Olympics driving the market, growth will accelerate to as much as £570 million by 2014.

Mintel commented, "The insulation offered by long-term deals might now be running out. The key challenges of the next few years will be to continue to innovate to create sponsorships that will allow brands to forge even closer bonds with consumers." Online gambling companies are getting into the act fast as they become the sports world's next big backers with plenty of cash and a strong will to get their companies well known. Some of the old sponsors are finding their offerings are looking stale and sports teams are ready for some new colours.

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