Online Ace Revenue Affiliate Program Introduced

Published Tuesday, September 29, 2009 -

Ace Revenue is a new and rapidly advancing affiliate program that was recently made public at the Budapest Hungary affiliate conference.

Ace Revenue's team of members at the conference received more than expected attention.

Marketing Manager for Ace Revenue, Raymond Carpenter, said when the conference was over, "When we went to the convention in Budapest, we expected to have to work a little harder than we did. Because we're a new program, without a long standing track record in the industry, we had planned on spending most of our time trying to win over new clients. It ended up being nothing like that. Affiliates were happy, and even excited, to join up with Ace Revenue. It's funny, we were even joking with each other after the show that we had the busiest booth at the convention… and we didn't even have a booth!"

Great deals were offered by this new program most of which attracted a good deal of action from prospective clients. At the Budapest conference the Ace Revenue the ball got rolling with the company buying everyone there lunch. There's something about food that makes everybody happy. Once that was gone the excitement continued with a signing bonus of $200 dollars for all of the new Ace Revenue Affiliate members. In addition to food, real money and the giving away of "one of the coolest gadgets at the show," a microphone speaker combination, a draw was held for four iPhones presented randomly to the participants of the convention.

Carpenter continued to explain the company's strategy, "While gifts and prizes are nice, our main goal was to offer a good solid program to our affiliates and to make it clear that we are planning on doing whatever it takes to make everyone on our team, including our affiliates, as successful as possible. I can't imagine our visit to Budapest being any more successful than it was. It gave us a great satisfaction when our existing affiliates said that we are the best converting affiliate program around."

Douglas Whitney, Program Director for Ace Revenue says on the company web site, "Of course, Ace Revenue was created to make money. Make money for our affiliates, make money for our clients, and hopefully make a little money for ourselves. One cannot succeed without the other..."

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