Barrière Open Casino at Historic Paris Site

A new casino is set to open at the location of the once-famous Aviation Club in Paris. Aviation Club de France in its heyday hosted such events as the World Poker Tour. Following its closure in 2014, Barrière has now chosen the Champs-Elysées site for their latest club.

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Could Club Barrière Paris host the World Poker Tour as well? © Casino Barrière

The newly named Club Barrière Paris opens on Friday 13th September. It will make the most of its prime location at 104 Champs-Elysées, which happens to be opposite another Barrière institution – the Hôtel Barrière Le Fouquet’s. Fouquet’s is a legendary restaurant that has been running since 1899. Michelin star chef Pierre Gagnaire currently brings his creative flair to the classic French cuisine menu, which draws in the rich and famous from around the world. The Club Barrière may be a new addition to the Champs-Elysées, but the brand is already rooted in this historic area of Paris.

”Opening our first Gaming Club in Paris, just opposite one of our leading establishments – Fouquet’s – is an historical moment for the Group”Dominique Desseigne, CEO of the Barrière Group

Aviation Club de France – A Paris Classic

What really makes 104 Avenue des Champs-Elysées such a special place? Until 2014, this address was the site of one of Paris’s most well-known casinos. In fact, the Aviation Club de France had been going since 1907. The casino was at the heart of the Parisian gambling scene, hosting a variety of different casino games. Guests of the Aviation Club could take part in classic games like poker, baccarat and backgammon. It was primarily a card room, as there were never any slot machines or roulette wheels. The casino had an air of exclusivity, with its notorious members-only poker room.

The club really found its heyday in the 1990s, when poker was introduced to the casino. High profile poker players and celebrities frequented the venue. For a number of years, it played host to the Grand Prix de Paris leg of the World Poker Tour.

In 2014 the club was raided by the French Judicial Police and closed. A number of different reasons were cited, including money laundering and labor ‘irregularities’. Five months later, local authorities decided not to renew the casino’s license. This spelled the end for the Aviation Club de France, which had by this point been operating for over a century. It is therefore fitting that Barrière has chosen to continue the legacy of this famous building. It may have a different name, but the fact that this address will be home to a glamorous casino again will be good news for many.

Le Club Barrière Paris – A New Beginning

Le Club Barrière Paris will be an exciting sequel to the story that the Aviation Club began. It is at the heart of the Parisian Golden Triangle, an area home to prestigious restaurants and hotels. Many visitors to these luxury spots will be glad to have a casino offering poker to add to their list of must-visits.

The new casino will offer players various banking games as well as poker. There will be 27 gaming tables. Games available include Punto Banco, Poker 21, 3-card Poker and Ultimate Poker. These poker games will take place in stylish settings, designed by Bruno Borrione. Think deep red carpets, oriental dragon floors and ceilings speckled with stars. The eight rooms have been designed to conjure the feeling of travelling on an otherworldly journey through the casino.

It wouldn’t be much of a casino without something to eat or drink between games. Christophe Adam, pâtissier extraordinaire, provides his signature ‘Dépot Légal’ experience at the venue. The menu is mouth-watering, and guests can look forward to his world-famous éclairs, amongst other deliciousness.

The Barrière Group already runs 33 casinos, as well as bars and restaurants. Those who feel that the casino at 104 Avenue des Champs-Elysées is precious can at least rest assured that this company knows what it’s doing. At the end of the last financial year, Barrière Group turned over an impressive 1.2 billion euros. It will be a new era for the Paris casino, and one that could turn a handsome profit.

Le Club Barrière will be open daily, from 2pm to 6am. Entrance costs 15 euros and annual membership can be purchased for 150 euros.

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