PokerStars Reveals Live Event Schedule in Manila

The world of professional poker is coming to the Philippines – today PokerStars announced their schedule of live events, 7 of which are in Manila. The tournaments will be part of a massive series of Poker matches that are played out across the world, with the winners of each qualifying for a PokerStars Players Championship in Barcelona. The exciting tournament structure is taking place across the world and will touch almost every continent on the planet. It always attracts some of the world’s most experienced and highly regarded poker players and is guaranteed to be a spectacle. The PokerStars circus will touchdown in Manila on seven separate occasions in 2020, with varying qualification requirements. So if you’re an avid poker player in Manila you have a lot of opportunities to get involved across the next 12 months.

Manila skyline.

The city of Manila has become a hotbed for casino & gambling fans in Asia. PokerStars has recently announced it’s 2020 live tournament schedule which will see 7 events hosted at the Okada Resort in Manila throughout 2020. ©TheDigitalWay/Pixabay

Manila has long been a popular destination for poker & casino players. Interest in gambling is huge in the Philippines at the moment, with the best Philippines online cainos competing with other great gambling options. The newest schedule of poker tournaments has often supplemented the abundance of gambling options the city offers to its visitors. PokerStars have strategically placed their tournaments around the world for 2020, ensuring that fans of the brand can gain access to the coveted competitions no matter which jurisdiction or continent they reside.

There are seven major events taking place in Manila next year, these will be a mixture of Platinum Pass qualifiers and PokerStars Super Series contests. The platinum pass qualifiers, which grants the winner a spot in the highly coveted Poker Stars Players Championship in Barcelona is taking place twice in Manila at two separate events. The first is the Red Dragon Manila between the 4th and 11th of January, and the second is the Manila Megastack 14 taking place between the 22nd and 31st of May. Both of these contests will land you a spot at the finals in Barcelona, so well worth checking out if you are a serious poker player who happens to be in town on those dates.

The five other events on the calendar released by Poker Stars today are spread throughout the year and include the Okada Manila Millions event on March 9th – 15th, the Manila Super Series 14 on July 6th – 12th, the APPT Manila 2020 on July 31st to August 9th, the Manila Super Series 15 on September the 22nd to the 28th, and the Manila Megastack Challenge which is between the 6th and 13th of December. All of the above events are live poker tournaments hosted by PokerStars, who has proven on countless occasions over the past decade, is the undisputed kings of poker gambling.

Manila Shaping Up As Asias Poker Capital

PokerStars has been gradually increasing its presence in the Asian territory for many years. Hosting events such as the 2019 Asian Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) has really cemented their status as one of the industry’s most active gambling operators in Asia.

The stunning Okada hotel has been the favored venue of the brand for the past several years in Manila, and this time will be no different. PokerStars have announced they will completely transform the sight into a Poker hub for the week of the tournaments. Media presence will be high, and their will, of course, be thousands of players descending on the most luxurious hotel & casino resort in the Philippines.

There really are no limits put on the extravagance at these events. They are famous for the huge stakes games, and no-limit hold’em tournaments which are always a massive highlight of the weekly schedule. Poker players come from across Asia for the chance of qualifying for the Poker Stars Players Championships in Barcelona. The winners of the Red Dragon in January and the Manila Megastack event taking place in May will receive their platinum pass, granting admission to the Barcelona contest taking place between the 20th and 24th August.

The busy schedule at the Okada resort in Manila is helping the Philippines capital build its reputation as a hotbed for casino and gambling enterprise. The capitals growing reputation has been mutually beneficial, the local authorities are very welcoming to international casino and poker operators who help generate millions of dollars in tax revenues, build vital infrastructure to service the needs of the tourists and provide a massive influx of revenue to the local service economy which will receive many lucrative contracts to make the whole event possible.

To get involved with the live events, PokerStars are removing many barriers for 2020. The qualifier tournaments taking place around the world are open for qualification now on the PokerStars website, some of the tournaments are free to enter, and if you are successful you may get an invitation to one of the live events taking place in 2020. The Road to PSPC continue to be the best route for elite poker players who want to play against the world’s best without traveling too far from their home. Full details of the tournaments can be found at the PokerStars Blog and the PokerStars Live platforms.

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