OLE!bet Launches In Latin America

BOSS. Gaming Solutions has introduced its newest creation to the vast market of gamblers in Latin America: OLE!bet, a brand-new online sportsbook. This new website offers both a virtual sportsbook and online gambling options, including virtual slots and live-streamed casino games. For maximum accessibility, OLE!bet is available to players in many different languages, including English, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Iguaçu Falls, between Brazil and Argentina.

Fans of online gambling and sports betting in Brazil are surely happy to know about OLE!bet, a site available in languages including Brazilian Portuguese. ©JosephJR/Pixabay

BOSS. Gaming Solutions: The Innovator Behind It All

OLE!bet is the creation of BOSS. Gaming Solutions, a software and solutions developer operated chiefly by Catalina Lukianenko and Jeff Letlat. The company, like many new gambling start-ups, is based in Malta, a small island between Sicily, Italy, and the coast of North Africa.

BOSS. Gaming Solutions is known for its multiple and carefully constructed solutions for casinos, primarily its Full Turn-Key Solution system. Operated in conjunction with the license of a given casino, the Full Turn-Key solution system offers a sportsbook, payment solutions, website design, and a fully functional platform through which to run iGaming.

BOSS. Gaming Solutions also has a number of more curated solutions, including the White Label option — providing management tools for online casino operators, regulated through BOSS’s own gambling license — and the land-based casino option, which allows business owners to jump-start the process of opening their own casino.

In addition to its successful solutions options, BOSS. has a unique and successful online gambling platform online gambling platform, which allows multiple different forms of payment options, integrated sportsbook solutions, and thorough calculations through which to manage the handling of game bonuses and jackpots — among many other special features.

ThunderSpin: BOSS’s Online Slots Developer

BOSS. isn’t just making software for the management side of the casino industry: oh, no. In fact, the Malta-based company also has its own online games developer, ThunderSpin, which has created more than 25 unique online gambling slots for iGaming enthusiasts to enjoy.

The games offered through ThunderSpin have a high-quality gameplay, always putting the money value of the customer first. The return-to-player ratio (or RTP) for ThunderSpin’s online games goes up to 97% — on the higher end of the spectrum, as average RTP tends to hover more around 96%.

SIMPLE GAMES: Expediting The Games Hall

The final noteworthy BOSS. Gaming Solutions product is SIMPLE GAMES, innovated specifically to expedite gaming hall management for industry members. This could mean anything from making efficient management of a single games hall — including card tables, lotteries, and slots — or for bigger operators, whole networks of games halls.

For clients of BOSS. Gaming Solutions who do use its SIMPLE GAMES gaming management product, BOSS. also offers its own unique gaming terminal for IRL casinos, which comes prepared with anything a casino manager could need, and can be used as a video terminal where players can try their luck at the lottery.

OLE!bet: BOSS. Moves Decisively Into Latin America

With its latest major innovation, OLE!bet, BOSS. Gaming Solutions has confidently asserted how seriously it is taking the promise of the Latin American gambling market. Players using OLE!bet, who will be across the continent of Latin America, can partake in sports betting and online gambling.

OLE!bet: Off To A Strong Start

Upon its release, OLE!bet was already available through more than 16 providers across the continent. In total, players can access to over 2,000 new online slot games — and that’s not even including its live casino options! Players who enjoy the simulated live casino environment can scratch that itch in both blackjack and roulette live offerings.

What It Offers Players

With the launch of OLE!bet, BOSS. Gaming Solutions made clear how well it knows how to cater to the needs of gambling customers. The website currently accepts four different payment options, including Visa and MasterCard, and new customers can cash out on generous welcome offers in both sports betting and online slots.

With the OLE!bet slots welcome offer, players can double their deposit up to $500, with the additional possibility of 50 respins when playing OLE!bet’s selection of ThunderSpin games. There is a huge number of exciting slots available to players using OLE!bet, including Book of Treasures, Vikings: Frozen Gods, and Reactoonz.

Online Gambling Options In Latin America Keep Growing

Latin America has consistently been a focal point of the international gambling industry, and this has only continued during the coronavirus pandemic, prompting a number of countries in the region to seriously reconsider existing — and, in some cases, longstanding — legal opposition to regulated gambling.

In April, international gambling industry leader Betsoft made two decisive moves into Latin America’s gambling market, beginning with a partnership with Rivalo, a company which is closely tied to Colombia’s gambling regulatory body, Coljuegos. Following this deal, Betsoft also announced a partnership with leading games developer Salsa Technology.

Malta and Curaçao: Home to BOSS. And Many More

For those who follow the developments of the international casino industry, it comes as, perhaps, no surprise that BOSS. Gaming Solutions is based in both Malta and Curaçao, two island locations who are home to a vast number of gambling companies, including iSoftBet, Bet365, and Booongo, a company which has exploded in Latin America.

But why these places? Both iSoftBet and Bet365 announced moves to Malta in the last year, with Bet365 specifically citing Brexit as its reason for moving headquarters from Gibraltar, an overseas territory near Spain still ruled by the UK. Both Malta and Curaçao have worked to make themselves hospitable to the gambling industry, offering favorable taxes.

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