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Spam is everywhere, and lots of good service providers will do their best to make sure that you don't receive potentially dangerous e-mail.
Most likely - due to the current influx of spam mail - your Internet service provider have installed high tech spam blockers to prevent
you from receiving mail messages you don't want. Unfortunately, as a result of this action, genuine e-mail's are also being filtered out.

During the filtering process, even legitimate mails can also get blocked. And this is why you may not be receiving your newsletter from with the latest online gambling news and hot casino bonus updates and events.

I want to ensure you receive all mails!

All you have to do is add the email address: - to your list of 'safe' or permitted e-mail's
by adding my sending address (From:) to your list of privileged senders (commonly known as 'whitelisting').

Click the links below for full instructions on how to stop filtering of e-mail depending on the filtering solution you use.
To add to your whitelist, please choose the appropriate service provider below and follow the simple directions provided: