iPad Prop Wagers Sees Online Gambling's Sky Bet Take a Bashing

Published Tuesday, March 13, 2012 - Online-Casinos.com

Prop bets as they are known can be fun but are risky, not only for customer but also for the operators that want to take the bets. A recent situation developed with the wagering on the new Apple iPad. Wagers were placed by consumers who a predicting with money on the line which features the iPad will offer and how many of them will actually appear on the tech gadget when it is released.
Sky Bet an online betting site went all out to satisfy the debaters need to punt. Customers were given the chance to place bets using their new technology through their online site and the Sky Bet mobile application.

The features were not the only things punters wanted to place money on they also bet on hardware configurations, the name, the size, type of materials used in construction and features modified or not. Initially wagers were kept at a minimum because of the possibility of information leaks. World wide betting exceeded the minimum with a flood of high stake wagers prompting Sky Bet to back down and suspend further punting. This was a prudent decision by

Sky Bet as many of those punt proved costly for the firm. A representative for the Sky Bet firm commented, "It was our first foray into tech betting and there was a huge amount of interest in the markets but with two out of the three most heavily backed markets duly coming in, it's safe to say the 'Ipunters' cleaned up! No doubt they'll be heading straight down to the Apple shop with their winnings! The odds of the new hardware not having a carbon fibre back plate had been backed into 1/16 from 2/7 and we took a hit with it not being called the iPad2s, which was a 100/30 shot initially. The only surprise was that the new iPad doesn't have 128GB of storage, which had been backed in from 6/1 to 1/2!"




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