New Jersey Working Towards New Online Gambling Legislation

Published Wednesday, March 14, 2012 -

Everyone has an opinion on the state of online gambling legislation in the USA and some academics are giving their two cents worth in an attempt to stream line the process in some states. New Jersey has been toying with the idea of introducing a legal online gambling jurisdiction in the State for a long time now. A recently as last year the Senate approved legislation that would have allowed residents of the State to play games for real money only to be vetoed by the New Jersey governor Chris Christie who cited constitutional reasons for his controversial decision.

Now Seton Hall University Law Professor John B. Wefing has come to the House Wagering and Tourism Committee, and testified that in his learned opinion the new internet gambling bill will not affect the state constitution in any way. He stated the proposed bill would not violate the Atlantic City gaming monopoly in line with the state constitution’s provision, because any online wager would not be validated until a server located in Atlantic City accepted the bet. He also maintained that that there was no requirement for lawmakers to submit a new intrastate online gambling legalization measure to a referendum of residents.

Assemblyman John Burzichelli commented that the committee is considering a number of opinions, and would decide whether to present a bill not requiring a referendum this coming November 2012. Burzichelli said the Assembly would be concentrating on the State budget requirements indicating there will be some time spent on that putting the online gambling legislation vote on hold for now.

The debate in the Assembly continues with other members asking for referendum on the issue even if it is not required by law. The lawmakers were reminded voters in 1976 approved a ballot question giving Atlantic City the unique status on gambling, aside from horse racing including the state lottery. Atlantic City revenues have declined significantly over the past few years and internet wagering could very well rebuild the sagging fortunes of the industry.


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