Online Poker Included in Hawaiian Gambling Bill 768

Published Tuesday, February 05, 2013 -

The State of Hawaii is only one of two in the USA the other is Utah which has not given in to any gambling whatsoever but has tried in vain to change that one hundred and fifty times in that last thirty years. Well here it is an issue once again in front of the Hawaiian legislator with a renewed attempt being presented bySenators Donovan M. Dela Cruz, Gilbert Kahele, and Malama Solomon who have introduced a new bill that would legalize gambling and internet poker in the islands. The 27 page document known as Senate Bill 768, would, “…create a body politic, known as the Hawaii internet lottery and gaming corporation, authorized to offer a regulated, secure, and responsible framework for the conduct of internet wagering and gaming in Hawaii…”

Last year’s defeated bill before the legislature, House Bill 2422, which was sponsored by Joseph Souki, Faye Hanohano and Angus McKelvey is almost the same as the new bill 768. Similar to HB 2422, the “corporation” called for in the new proposal would, “…provide consumer protections and capture additional revenues for the benefit of the State that are currently flowing offshore to unregulated internet gambling operations.”

The proposed legalization of internet gambling is restricted to people in Hawaii and says only those who can prove they are eighteen years old will be able to register for an account. The Bill does allow for an expanded version described in the clause, ‘At such time that a legally compliant mechanism is established to permit wagering by individuals physically located outside of the State, the corporation shall adopt rules to allow and govern wagering by those individuals.’

The suggested allocation of funds derived from online gambling, should the bill be passed and implemented are mostly related to education. Funds would go towards public school improvements and scholarships for Medical students who promise to practice in Hawaii for ten years after their residency among other programs. Should this bill pass it would be a milestone in the history of Hawaiian politics.

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