Caesars Interactive Chooses Ad Agency for Online Poker Promotion

Published Thursday, February 28, 2013 -

In a recent report in Ad Age magazine the word is out on who will benefit from the internet gambling boom taking place in the USA. Advertizing is a huge part of online gambling and it is one of te most important factors in promoting the industry.

The Zambezi ad agency has won the Caesars Interactive Entertainment creative account. Caesars Entertainment’s subsidiary Caesars Interactive Entertainment has given the agency the job of creating a campaign for its World Series of Poker branded online poker site. The WSOP is going live later in 2013 for real money in the newly legalized jurisdiction of Nevada. H2 Gambling Capital, which tracks the advertizing sector of the industry, is suggesting the internet-gaming sector may spend up to $4 billion on marketing in the next five years. VP for marketing at Caesars Interactive Marketing, Michael Staskin commented to Ad Age, "We anticipate that other states will fall like dominos and we will be prepared to be in all of those states when it happens," Staskin, continued to reply when asked whether more work will follow, "I'm the kind of guy that likes to take the girl home that I brought to the prom. Assuming that we are successful [in Nevada], we will be successful everywhere."

The demographic the advertizing for the online site is aimed at is males ages 21 to 49 and the campaign will include TV, radio, events and other digital components. Staskin explained, "Despite the fact that it's an online brand, there is going to be a lot of off-line marketing to really capture the locals that live here in Nevada," Complying with the new rules for internet poker in Nevada Caesars must ensure that players are located in Nevada, it is expected that participants will have to respond to a text message on their cell phone, "which will then permit geo-locating you, so we'll know whether you are inside the borders of Nevada or not," Staskin said.

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