Online PokerStars Demonized by American Gaming Association

Published Tuesday, March 05, 2013 -

The gloves are off and what looks like a real dust up is coming to the USA online gambling competition as the American Gaming Association files a brief that demonizes Poker Stars. The organization which represents American casino interests says that Poker Stars should not be permitted a license to operate in New Jersey on the grounds that the company is a “business built on deceit, chicanery, and the systematic flouting of U.S. law.”

Serious words from the group who has filed the brief with the New Jersey Casino Control Commission and Division of Gaming Enforcement to try to block the purchase of the terrestrial Atlantic Club Casino in Atlantic City by Poker Stars owners the Rational Group.

Poker Stars is by far the largest online poker room on the planet with nearly 50 million registered players at the start of 2012. It has a reputation as having a Teflon business acumen having escaped the due process doled out by the US Department of Justice during the online poker crackdown of 2011 enabling the firm to correct the wrongs of the Full Tilt brand and eventually purchase their assets and recover their player accounts. The brief also states in cutting terms that, “Any action allowing PokerStars to be licensed would send a damaging message to the world of gaming, and to the world beyond gaming, that companies that engage in chronic lawbreaking are welcome in the licensed gaming business.” And that this sort of message, “could cripple the industry’s public image for many years.”

Poker Stars parent firm Rational Group formed a new division called Rational US and applied for a license in New Jersey with a plan to purchase the loosing Atlantic Club Casino after the Department of Justice cleared Poker Stars of any wrong doing in the USA.

However, the AGA puts a different light on Poker Stars calling it a, “criminal enterprise” by asserting that since all states require gambling businesses to be licensed by those states, “Poker Stars violated the laws of every state,” which includes the Garden State.

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