Illegal Online Gambling Raids Repeated in Ontario

Published Wednesday, March 06, 2013 -

The need for regulated and licensed online gambling is obvious in places where organized crime takes advantage of the unsuspecting punter. Canada is a jurisdiction that has been a place where the law regarding online gambling is clear, it is illegal unless it’s organized by the First Nations or the provincial government. Online gambling is offered by a number of provinces such as British Columbia, Quebec, and soon Ontario.

Recent efforts by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Ontario Provincial Police in southern Ontario, netted more than $2.5 million in cash and seized goods from an online sports book firm called Platinum Sports Book. The initial wave of raids arrested a number of people on charges of operating an illegal online gambling ring but now the police have continued their raids on suspects after the Platinum Sports Book resurfaced days after the bust under a different domain name.

York Regional Police Deputy Chief Bruce Herridge announced in a recent press conference that the latest round of raids netted, "Approximately $1.6 million in cash, two handguns, a Taser, numerous computers, cellphones, betting lists, ledgers, bank statements, drafts and documents relating to criminal organizations were seized today," The charges being laid include counts of participating or engaging in a criminal organization, bookmaking and conspiracy to commit an indictable offence. RCMP Acting Supt. Keith Finn said Police estimate the ring was earning about $1 million in revenue every month. The bulk of the gambling occurred in Canada and the betters are being considered victims in this investigation.

The investigation into the Platinum Sports Book web location, revealed the site had servers in Costa Rica but is based in the Greater Toronto Area, and was 18 months in the making. Finn continued to say, "It remains to be seen how well they adapt, but we're confident that the action today is a significant disruption to the organization," RCMP Asst. Commissioner Stephen White said."Today, I can say we dismantled one of the largest illegal gaming groups in Canada,"

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