Online WinPoker To Accept Bitcoin Currency

Published Thursday, March 07, 2013 -

Not that many people have even heard of Bitcoins the virtual money that is controlled by an algorithm. Yes the next question for most individuals is what on earth is an algorithm? It is defined as a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer. The idea that there is currency that isn’t controlled by banks and the like makes the use of Bitcoins an attractive alternative to the traditional forms of exchange.

Online gambling firms are slowly embracing the new internet driven currency because it is free of the restrictions traditional money is subject to. Online poker has a few devotees to the virtual money and more are coming to the realization that the BItcoin is a good choice for poker rooms offering games within the USA. The Bitcoin exclusive USA facing Seals with Clubs poker room and online casino SatoshiDice offer their services in the Bitcoin mode.

WinPoker on the largest network of online poker rooms operating internationally, iPoker, has recently added the internet currency to its list of payment options making it the first major network to do so. The addition of WinPoker is a major step forward for the expanding acceptance of the virtual money. James Lucas, a spokesperson for WinPoker, while speaking with Pokerfuse said, “Bitcoin affords players a great deal of convenience, privacy, security, and accessibility,” Lucas added, “It is becoming increasingly ubiquitous, and Bitcoin can now be bought through a multitude of online and offline vendors—players can link their bank accounts for increased ease of use, or buy Bitcoin in cash anonymously at one of thousands of offline shopfronts around the world.”

This currency has the advantage of making financial transactions available to players in troublesome jurisdictions such as the USA. “Another great feature of Bitcoin is that transactions are anonymous,” Lucas said. “Players control their own wallets, and choose what (if any) personal information to associate with them.”

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