Begium Grants Online Gambling License

Published Friday, March 08, 2013 -

The humble beginnings of what is now known as Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment are testament to how fast and far a start up firm can come in a short time. The company is considered the world's largest publicly traded online gambling firm, with a net income of 438.5 million euro in 2011.

Bwin previously known as Betandwin from its founding until 2006 began its roll to the top with just 12 employees in 1997. While bwin is primarily a sports book it has interests in many other aspects of online punting. In 2012, bwin announced it was entering into a digital partnership with Manchester United F.C to become the club's official online gaming and betting partner. In the past, many other top events in the international and local sports world were supported by the corporation. Bwin also sponsored the Portuguese first football league (bwinLIGA) starting in 2006, was sponsor of AC Milan and has been partner to clubs such as Juventus Turin and Werder Bremen.

The company has faced some opposition in Europe over sponsorship of sports, especially football. In 2006 Bremen banned its top football team, Sportverein Werder Bremen, from carrying the Bwin logo on its shirts. Bwin has had its fair share of controversial moments in its business history with the Co-Chief Executive Officer Norbert Teufelberger being detained for questionable business practices in Belgium last year. Now the firm has gained an A+ gaming license and is now white-listed offering poker, casino games and sports betting, making them the seventh operator to receive a license in Belgium. In 2011 the amended Belgian gambling legislation made the number of available online licenses limited to nine A+ licences for casinos.

The requirement in Belgium to have a terrestrial partner for online operators saw bwin partner with Groupe Partouche. In 2012 sealed the deal with an agreement with Belcasinos which is owned by the largest owner of land-based casinos in Belgium Groupe Partouche.

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