Spanish Online Gambling Expansion Facing Opposition

Published Monday, March 11, 2013 -

The online gambling market in Europe is becoming a sell out with many countries regulating and expanding their legal offerings putting the consumer in an advantageous position with more choice and security. Although there have been protests recently in Spain over the lack of jobs Spain continues to ramp up its online gambling offerings with a proposal to give Spaniards online slot gaming. The recently regulated online gambling market in Spain has been limited and some say ineffective with high taxation and minimal offerings curbing the profits.

There are those who are against the move the government is proposing saying it will hurt the already suffering terrestrial gambling market in the country. The Spanish association of land-based gaming and amusement with prizes operators or FEMARA, has formally expressed its opposition to the introduction of online slots. While this argument has been ongoing for a long time now the regulators has asked stakeholders for their input on the addition of slots and betting exchanges such as Betfair to online punters. FEMARA has suggested in no uncertain terms that the jobs of 30 thousand people will be put at risk if the slots and exchanges are introduced online. This serious business for Spain which has a huge unemployment rate and protesters that say the government has done nothing to help the jobless situation.

AZARplus a Spanish gaming news source reported that the nation’s gaming industry has lost as many as 45 thousand jobs since 2008, and an EPA Labor Force Survey indicated the number of people earning their livelihood via the gaming industry dropped 25% in the past year. Spain is facing major financial difficulties with a staggering unemployment rate of 25 percent which many determine to be the real reason behind a slump in gambling revenues. The gambling public is slow to use mobile wagering and it was suggested casino games are the most popular entertainment online. The sponsorship of Real Madrid the well known football club by online gambling services provider Bwin has garnered the firm 40 percent recognition overtaking PokerStars by a mere one percent.

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