Manitoba Online Casino Learning From U.K. Experience

Published Wednesday, March 13, 2013 -

The interesting facts that emerge from counties that have had online gambling regulated and licensed for a considerable time are giving emerging jurisdictions the value of the experience. Canada is one of those emerging jurisdictions where the governments of various provinces have opted into providing online gambling services. The inexperience in some of those endeavours thus far has been evident for example in the embarrassing launch of the internet wagering site PlayNow in British Columbia a few years ago.

Now the Manitoba government has launched a sister site for online casino action. According to one source 4000 Manitoban players are registered to play and that’s during the first month of the launch in January 2013. The site is getting serious activity but that is in the start up phase and the players who are serious about their poker for example are finding the meager winning pools frustrating. The online poker room suggests there are a few hundred or so online at PlayNow at any given time but there are thousands on the international poker sites available any time with much larger prize pools.

The United Kingdom has been regulated for years and when they first initiated government authorized sites people flocked to the safer legal operators but soon migrated to international sites with betting odds and bigger payouts.

In response to the learning curve, Manitoba Lotteries' director of corporate affairs, Andrea Kowal, said, "It's going to be a slow and steady growth over years," Some critics say individuals will be attracted to the legal and government sanctioned gambling web locations but then will take their play elsewhere to offshore locations and leave their money there instead of the intended place, Manitoba.

The statistics are assuring greater internet connectivity for entertainment say the government bean counters. The under experienced and less attractive government run casinos will have a hard time competing with the international sites say critics of the recent Manitoba launch that now is linked to the British Columbian endeavor.

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