French Online Gambling Authority Publishes Revisions

Published Friday, May 03, 2013 -
French Online Gambling Authority Publishes Revisions

The online gambling industry has seen periods of change as new jurisdictions find the strengths and weaknesses in their regulatory platforms. European countries such as Italy, France Spain and Denmark have brought internet gambling to their populations with some effort to fine tune their efforts after experiencing issues that need addressing.

ARJEL the French Regulation Authority of online games has been proactive in understanding the complex nature of online gambling and the social consequences that the pastime incurs. After only three years of operation the French Regulatory Authority is tackling the problem of gambling addiction. A survey commissioned before internet gambling was introduced in the French market indicated there were as many as 600,000 people that had issues with gambling and that the introduction of internet wagering may have contributed to that number.

A publication of new recommendations based on the report has been announced recently by ARJEL. The 33 recommendations are aimed at strengthening the help available to addicted players of games which include online poker, sports and horse racing.

There are four main areas the measures concentrate on including the improvement of player’s sensitization methods, the strengthening of regulation devices, the optimization of measures of detection and treatments of players with addiction and finally the evaluation of possible evolution of the problem of out of control gaming in France.

ARJEL is planning to put restrictions on advertizing by internet gambling operators and will impose fines and penalties for those operators who do not comply with the regulations.

There is a measure to simplify the registration process for those who want to be excluded from certain games which according to ARJEL, has 33,000 individuals on its watch list. A warning system has been recommended for punters who invest large. France’s online gambling gaming industry has 31 operators approved. In 2012 online gambling reached 9.408 billion euro.

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