Accumulator Horse Race Wager Wins £209,731

Published Monday, May 06, 2013 -
Accumulator Horse Race Wager Wins £209,731

Sometimes even the longest play pays off in large denominations as in the case of a William Hill gambler who took home an outstanding £209,731 after betting a series of penny wagers.

The anonymous forty something man was betting an accumulator bet which allows two or more selections to be combined into a single bet. By doing so, the successful linked selections will return higher odds than they would if they had been bet on individually. A double combines two selections, a treble three selections, a four-fold will combine four, a five-fold five selections and so on.

The winner who regularly places small-staking accumulators in the hope of ‘'knocking the bookmakers for six'' has succeeded in his goal. Selecting 11 horses across three of Sunday's meetings, the smart punter placed a number of 1p accumulator bets using combinations of four, five, six, and 8 of the 11 horses he chose.

Whilst only eight of his 11 selections resulted in his favour it was enough to set-up a jackpot win of over £200,000. The lucky man commented on his unusual style of play and his amazing jackpot win, ‘'This sort of win is completely alien to me! I've had a couple of four-figure wins in the past, but I never expected this. I'm going to chill out over the next few days thinking about how to spend the money, but it'll go a long way in the current climate. I'll probably pay off the mortgage, and I'm a bit of a car fan, so I might see about a vintage sports car. ''

A spokesperson for the William Hill gambling brand, Kate Miller, said: ‘'this is one of the luckiest bets we've ever seen and the one all punters dream of. Accumulators are incredibly popular bets to place and a couple of times a year we'll be hit by a large winner, but to see one with penny stakes is almost unique.''

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