Terrestrial Casinos Embracing Online Offerings

Published Wednesday, May 08, 2013 - Online-Casinos.com
Terrestrial Casinos Embracing Online Offerings

Since the US government told the banks to freeze all transactions related to online gambling it has been a struggle for American card and casino players to find a safe place to put their bets. Bitcoin was a glimmer of hope with the virtual currency providing some way of doing business for punters in the States but alas that system is being frozen out of the financial sector so eventually no one will play with the non convertible currency.

While brick and mortar casinos and resorts are getting their fingers into the internet wagering pie other online firms are going to jurisdictions such as those in Asia and Latin America to seek their fortunes and leave the insecure and very tight online gambling market to those in the USA.

Most large terrestrial casino resort owners have applied for licenses to operate online wagering in Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey. They expect to capture a large percentage of the online gambling market because of they feel it will complement existing gambling venues.

Some difference of opinion on whether online gambling will take away revenues from more traditional methods of gaming with the American Gaming Association saying online poker won’t affect business but online casino gaming just might impact the revenues.

When asked about playing poker on the internet versus going to a real casino the Director of the Center for Gaming Research at the University of Nevada Las Vegas David Schwartz said, "It was mostly old guys with cigars," "It was very intimidating to walk into a poker room and see a guy who's a thousand years old, smoking 10 packs of cigarettes a day, giving you dirty looks because you're taking the wrong card," Schwartz continued, "What online poker did was let people get familiar with the game, feel a little bit of confidence and then they said, `I want to go to Vegas and do the real thing.'"

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