Online Poker Champion Sues for His Winnings

Published Monday, May 13, 2013 -
Online Poker Champion Sues for His Winnings

There are many differences of opinion in casinos regarding whether or not a player should be paid and when it come down to dispute the courts sometimes have to do the judging. Such is the case in London England where one of the world’s best poker players has a problem with one very large gambling firm.

Crockfords Casino located in the upscale part of town is owned by the Malaysian based Genting Group which has very deep pockets and as many as 58,000 people on their payroll. The Casino is being sued by none other than pro poker player Phil Ivey who claims the casino is not paying him his winnings of £7.8 million (US $ 12.1 million) garnered while playing punto banco over a two day period.

The win which occurred in August of 2012 with news of the disputed payout emerging last October and now the law suit has been revealed many months later.

Crockfords have officially counterclaimed that Ivey and his companion took advantage of improperly-cut playing cards, and manipulated the dealer into rotating some of the cards by 180 degrees before returning them to the discard stack. Card decks with full-bleed designs especially with repetitive, geometric patterns have been discarded at most card-playing venues especially in high end venues such as Crockfords.

Apparently Ivey and his female companion accumulated the win after initially losing some £500,000, then raising the stakes to as much as £150,000 per hand during the two subsequent evenings of play.

Crockfords Casino did refund Ivey’s initial £1 million stake, but withheld his winnings pending an internal investigation. According to published reports there was nothing to suggest any wrong doing by Ivey. The casino alleges that Ivey and his friend conspired to cheat the casino by taking advantage of defective playing cards, thereby gaining knowledge of what card would come next and stacking the odds in the pro player’s favour.

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