Legal Online Gambling in USA Changes Antigua's WTO Stance

Published Wednesday, July 10, 2013 -
Legal Online Gambling in USA Changes Antigua's WTO Stance

There are those in America who create legislation that are increasingly trying to advocate for online gambling legalization.

A new Bill introduced by US Congressman Peter King last month could if passed finally legalize online gambling federally. This Bill is the Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection and Enforcement Act of 2013. Due to the World Trade Organization’s issues recently with Antigua and Barbuda many eyes are keenly watching.

The legal council for Antigua and Barbuda, Mark Mendel associated this with their cause. "This is of considerable benefit to vindicates what we have said all along," Mendel said when speaking to media on the set of Sunday evening's Media Roundtable program on ABS.

Mark Mendel, an Ireland-based attorney is of note for leading this dispute for ten years. He explained that the current efforts by US legislators can’t define their nation’s previous stance of being, "…adverse to gambling."

Mendel stated, "Now that they are moving in that direction themselves…that pretty much completely takes away their formal defence at the WTO."

Mendel goes on to state that this recent creation of legislation should compel the international community. He encourages them now to rally behind Antigua and Barbuda and their call for an equitable resolutions in this matter.

According to Mendel it is evident that the WTO Dispute Settlement Body can gain support now and he stated, "Before we had no support, now we have a lot."

He added that, "Different countries (are) standing up and telling the Americans that they have to comply with the rulings and negotiate with us fairly. I think it has made a very big difference in that regard."

In a recent report by financial services, Morgan Stanley, some predict that the online gambling sector could be worth a substantial boost to the shaky economic industry, perhaps as much as USD9.3bn by 2020. These predictions go as far as to say that this could be very big, even more than the earnings of Atlantic City and Las Vegas combined.

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