South Australia Restricts Gambling Advertizing

Published Wednesday, July 31, 2013 -
South Australia Restricts Gambling Advertizing

Australia has different laws regarding online gambling in different states similar to the USA some Australian jurisdictions have legal online betting while others are more restrictive. The Federal Government in Australia controls communications laws that govern television and radio broadcasting, but the states regulate betting. Each betting agency has to be listed in South Australia to accept bets from people living in that region. To bet, people need accounts that have addresses attached. The state is able to regulate the gambling operators, but not broadcasters.

The Independent Gambling Authority acts as a separate entity to the State Government and has powers provided to it by laws passed in the Parliament. With some restrictions it can set codes of practice for the industry on its own and reprimand operators for noncompliance. Parliament can veto codes of practice presented although this is a rare occurrence.

This is the second phase of a reform package in South Australia regarding betting services agencies that will be forced to display large anti-gambling messages on TV advertisements, billboards and sporting uniforms under a new code of practice planned by the Independent Gambling Authority. The messages include, "gamble responsibly" messages, along with others reminding punters "don't let the game play you" and "think of the people who need your support".

Robert Chappell, Director of the Independent Gambling Authority, commented, "The commercial gambling providers have really been dreadful in their compliance with the mandatory warning message requirements," Chappell continued, "Rather than have fights with them about what it means, there's going to be page after page in this new code about how you need to use mandatory warning messages.” adding,“If there'd been some moderate compliance by some of the bigger operators, where they'd shown some commitment to balancing the power of their advertising, then there wouldn't have been an argument for the Authority to be so prescriptive."

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