'Oddsfather' Adverts Will Feature Ladbrokes Online Mobile Casino

Published Friday, August 02, 2013 - Online-Casinos.com
'Oddsfather' Adverts Will Feature Ladbrokes Online Mobile Casino

The icon English book maker Ladbrokes has been putting everyone in Britain on alert that they are here and can offer you a deal you can’t refuse when it comes to punting. The UK gambling giant, has launched a mob themed "Oddsfather" marketing campaign which will run for twelve months on Channel 4 ITV, and BSkyB.

Stars Tiziano Crudeli and Chris Kamara will be featured in the spots. A Ladbrokes spokesperson said that it wanted to "boost the role of Ladbrokes' offers and products in the narrative," There will be five ads altogether with Crudeli as the Godfather who conveys odds and offers to the gambling public. The first two ads, will feature the tagline "excitement you can't refuse", and will be first seen at the Goodwood Racing Festival and the Ashes Test cricket matches.

Adam Collet, Ladbrokes’ marketing and communications director commented on this marketing approach."Our advertising over the last two years has helped drive strong improvements in our awareness and brand consideration." Continuing Mr.Collet said, "We are looking to build on this strong heritage to showcase the exciting range of bets and offers that Ladbrokes has to offer our customers for the new football season and beyond,"

The account is handled by marketing firm SapientNitro and the CEO explained, . "The catch phrase 'game on!' captures the excitement Ladbrokes shares with punters and we're delighted it's already become part of popular culture," said the CEO of marketing firm SapienNitro. "In the Oddsfather, we have created 'The Don' of betting to reflect Ladbrokes' authority on betting - making punters an offer they can't refuse."

The purpose of the adds is to let people know about Ladbrokes' new offer of double live odds on football, while later ads will focus on be targeting the mobile, online, and casino markets. The first ad features Crudelia as The ‘Oddsfather’, seated in his armchair and wearing a very prominent Ladbrokes pinky ring.

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