Mumbai Cops Bust Mobile Online Gambling Ring

Published Saturday, August 10, 2013 -
Mumbai Cops Bust Mobile Online Gambling Ring

The internet has created a very different world for those who participate in its incredible powers. The internet has built a global understanding that keeps everyone informed and in the know. While so called third world countries have made significant progress in the introduction of broadband internet the progress has been hampered by the criminal factors that lurk in all corners of the world.

Even where gambling online has been declared legal there are still those who don’t live by the rule book and disregard the harm they do to their societies. India is a massive country with a massive population that is economically troubled in many ways so when illegal gambling goes on there are few resources to combat the harm done. A recent bust conducted by Mumbai police has been followed up with the confiscation of property and arrests. Computers and smartphones were among the devices confiscated. A lengthy investigation results in search warrants being issued for seven locals in Mumbai as well as the incarceration of thirty three suspects.

Sunil Paraskar, the Police Commissioner, stated, “Before we raided the gaming parlours, we wanted to be sure that what was going on it was a form of gambling. Not only have citizens lost lakhs of rupees in online gambling, but the government, too, has been cheated as these establishments had licenses for a software business.”

The investigating officer, L G Shinde, commented also, “We sent dummy customers with marked notes to these parlours. After introductions, the dummy customers were provided user IDs and passwords to create accounts. They paid a minimum of Rs 1,000 to start playing.” Shinde added, “Once a player gets his user ID, he does not have to visit the parlour again. The virtual casino can be accessed online from home, office or on smartphone while travelling. Winning amounts are delivered at home or picked up from the parlour.”

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