Online Betting Begins On Ice Hockey in North America

Published Wednesday, October 02, 2013 -
Online Betting Begins On Ice Hockey in North America

The National Hockey League in North America includes teams from the USA and Canada and is a very competitive tournament that leads up to the final championship game for the Stanley Cup. Hockey watching in Canada is a national experience with a significant portion of the population participating. The sport ranks a distant fourth in terms of popularity in the USA but the betting still goes on in earnest.

Hockey is really big money for many sports books and there are plenty of online operators that offer competitive betting odds. Last year the lockout and its resolution will appear to give the 2013-24 season a fresh start for the league. There are a number of changes in the league this year that could impact betting trends and the way punters choose their players.

The new Wild Card Playoff Format introduced fifty years ago to National Football League fans will be one change for ice hockey. The National Hockey League adaptation will not increase the number of teams in the post season, but it will allow for two wild-card team in each division, regardless of what division they’re in. Some unlikely outcomes are possible and that unpredictability creates a opportunity for wagering fans.

It has been noted that sports books don’t do as much research into the game of ice hockey and don’t offer the same size of bet limit as they will for basketball or football. Online betting offers the punter to follow the games teams and players from many angles. The season has just begun and there are season predictions already making the rounds.

The Toronto Maple Leafs hasn’t won the Stanley Cup since 1967 yet the loyal fans continue to back up their team. The betting has begun and it will be an exciting full season this year with old and new rivals fighting their way to the finals.

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