Scientists Reveal Emotions Linked To Gambling Problems

Published Sunday, November 10, 2013 -
Scientists Reveal Emotions Linked To Gambling Problems

Confirming what everyone already knows is just that same old thing for many researchers in almost every field. Not to sound too unfriendly about the great scientific revelations that are coming about every minute, but to say that some conclusions to various studies are less stellar than expected is more likely the truth.

We live in a society that accepts most things for what they really are good bad or boring. The new frontier is the internet which in for some still confounds for others it is freedom to choose what you like when you like from wherever you like. The cyber world is full of quick decisions that we make at the speed of light. There are scientists studying why we as humans do certain things and one issue they are exploring is problem gambling. A recent study by the University of Granada in Spain has found that gambling addicts show brain function abnormalities which affect their decision making abilities.

The researchers found that gambling addicts showed brain function changes in areas of the prefrontal cortex. The problems with the brain activities were directly related to how severe the addiction was. The issues affected the gamblers ability to control their impulses and make proper decisions.

Ana Torres, the lead researcher for the study explained that “these bad decisions affect the individuals’ ability to recognize and evaluate loss; even when this is not financial loss.” It was also revealed that the effect of negative emotions such as anxiousness and depression or mere sadness also had an impact on the volunteers in the study when it came to making good choices.

Studies such as this one do give the gambler as well as organizations that supply help programs an advantage. Knowing what the brain is doing in those who have a severe addiction to gambling can lead to better treatment and training for those on the front lines. Again knowing is key to responsible gambling and to know what pushes the buttons gets to the root of the issue.

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