Nations In Africa Embracing Online Sports Betting

Published Sunday, January 05, 2014 -
Nations In Africa Embracing Online Sports Betting

Many of the worlds gambling jurisdictions have accepted the fact that the internet and gambling on it is here to stay and there is little some governments can do to curtail it. On the North American continent there are three major areas that produce millions of bets per month coming from Mexico, Canada and the USA. South America represents an enormous market in many countries on that part of the planet.

Europe and its Union holds the key to a successful understanding of a workable universal platform for the regulation of online gambling. Then there is Asia which is again a real challenge both from the language standpoint and the government regimes. Australia is working on its regulatory guidelines in their own unique way. Now then there is the largest of all the contents and the most diverse in terms of economies governments and cultures Africa.

African nations have seen the power of the internet and how economies can benefit from the new connectedness of globalization. Countries such as Nigeria and Uganda have embraced technology and are making use of the internet to bet on sports and other events.

Ugandans last year became aware of sports betting recently with an interest that went beyond even Facebook as a place to go on the web., and placed third only behind Zynga as those game related sites visited by the Ugandan punter. There is also Ghana, where SafariBet has been operational for eight months but already ranks as the country’s 23rd most popular website.

In Nigeria, retail sports betting operator Bet On Sports Limited launched its products online with the Bet2Win site. Dolan Beuthin Chief Executive Officer of the firm commented that the online debut was “another exciting landmark” for the company. Beuthin said it was necessary to create the domain to satisfy his “on the go” customers’ and the demands for faster methods of betting than having to make ones way to the shops.

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