New Jersey Wants International Online Gambling

Published Friday, January 24, 2014 -
New Jersey Wants International Online Gambling

The top news article in online gambling world news is the recent revelation that New Jersey is looking at expanding its new online gambling offering to include other American jurisdictions and international punters.

This in many ways comes as no surprise when considering the possible benefits for New Jersey of such a move. According to the website two New Jersey Senators Ray Lesniak and Jim Whelan have introduced a new bill last week that would open the doors for online gambling in other regulated gambling markets.

The move to make New Jersey and Atlantic City an online gambling destination would put more money into State coffers something the Garden State desperately needs.

Regulations at this point allow only gamblers living in New Jersey to participate in the offerings provided. The only other US jurisdictions that allow for internet betting are Nevada which only allows for online poker and Delaware which includes casino games. "This opens up the worldwide market to us, the $30 billion Big Kahuna," commented Senator Lesniak.

The proposed legislation will require close scrutiny to receive a casino industry service license with background and history checks in place. Credit card companies and payment processors have been slow to accept transactions from internet gambling customers, putting a cautious foot forward and holding back internet betting growth.

Online betting has been showing less potential than expected in New Jersey which garnered only $8.4 million in the first month following the launch on November 21 2013. As advertizing and awareness expands so will participation in the offerings industry analysts predict.

Much of the slowness in the growth of online betting in New Jersey is blamed on the reluctance of credit card firms to accept transactions from what are now legal online gambling web sites. The companies fear the issues surrounding internet wagering cause them trouble and expense.

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