VoltDB Valuable Online Gambling Tool

Published Friday, January 31, 2014 - Online-Casinos.com
VoltDB Valuable Online Gambling Tool

The online gambling industry depends heavily on the data it collects and the reliability of its origin. The many internet based sports betting operators need reliable data to perform the task of offering odds to punters at any given moment. Technology firms today compete for the fastest and most comprehensive data presentation for their customers knowing that speed is a vital aspect of the process. With online gambling the handicap is computed during an ongoing match. One such firm which is competing in this field is VoltDB an in-memory database designed by several well-known database system researchers.

VoltDB touts its speed of execution, but other in-memory database technologies vie for the attention of the same customers competitors in this field include Oracle's Times Ten and Coherence technology. VoltDB recently announced the release of VoltDB 4.0, this new version of the firm’s high-speed operational database combines breakthrough speed and real-time in-memory analytics in a single database system.

Company officials said VoltDB 4.0 enables developers to build high-performance applications capable of analytic insights that enable organizations to take action on vital bits of data to maximize business value.

VoltDB is focused on enabling applications such as telecommunications billing, gaming, sensor management, smart energy and capital markets to both interact in real-time and provide in-memory analytics so that businesses can capitalize on data the moment it arrives.

These advantages are clear when it comes to the online gambling industry. Bruce Reading president and Chief Executive Officer of VoltDB said, "VoltDB 4.0 makes possible high-performance, exceptionally fast business applications designed to realize the promise of big data for many industries” Reading continued, "There are some databases that provide in-memory analytical capabilities and others that capably run operational workloads, but VoltDB 4.0 is the only high-speed operational database that delivers real-time data processing and in-memory analytics in a single database system."









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