Online Gambling Adding to Global Wagering Stats

Published Thursday, February 06, 2014 -
Online Gambling Adding to Global Wagering Stats

The gambling industry is big and with a recent report it is revealed just how big. The amounts that  various counties lose to gambling are staggering and substantial. The USA is the biggest gambling market with it being the biggest loser at $119 billion in 2013. Chinese gamblers lost $76 billion and Japan which doesn’t have online gambling lost $31.4 billion in 2013.

The questions are constantly being asked as to why people spend such an inordinate amount of money on wagers. The 1.8 percent of the population that have issues with gambling seem to be the ones who lose the most. Everyone knows that casinos and lotteries are a losing bet as a rule and the odds are stacked against making money at these venues but people continue to bet and lose. According to the Economist there are a few obvious and a few not so obvious reasons why people still play.

There is always the escape factor which is entertaining and releves some stress researchers say. Gambling whether in a casino or bingo hall or card room or online venues offers a place where the excitement of winning prevails while dreaming of the big payoff. Lottery offers the low risk high reward excitement that few can resist. Many gamblers see the loses as just the cost of being entertained similar to going to a music concert or to a sporting event.

It has been studied over and over by various organizations and institutions but the problem gambler continue to be addicted to the life style as well as the rush they get when they win. Online casinos offer huge reward bonuses and give the gambler a feeling that they are somebody similar to the red carpet treatment at terrestrial casinos where free drinks and complementary hotel stays and meals are the norm. Whether its gambling online or in a casino on land knowing to play responsibly is the key to staying safe and solvent.

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