US Congress Online Gambling Ban Would Be 'Wrong Policy'

Published Monday, March 10, 2014 -
US Congress Online Gambling Ban Would Be 'Wrong Policy'

Regulated  and licensed online gambling is the safest and most profitable way to offer the pastime which in today’s internet connected world is going to be unavoidable. The battle for legal online gambling in the USA has been raging with some progress on the Federal front.

Former Rep. Michael Oxley (R-Ohio) wrote in an op-ed for The Hill in Washington recently that Congress banning online gambling would be “the wrong policy for American families,”   He cited his experience in the FBI and as chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, Oxley urged members of Congress to push back on any attempts to ban online gambling for money.

From many corners in America there are calls to regulate internet betting to insure the money that is wagered online remains in the States. The best way to protect patrons from unscrupulous web locations is to provide government sanctioned casinos and poker rooms that have been tested for honest gaming and prompt funding.

Oxley wrote in the paper, a federal ban on online gambling would put at risk the Americans that gamble online for money regardless of the activity’s legal status, he said. “The risk of exposure to identity theft, fraud, even money laundering on an unsafe, unregulated, overseas black-market website is serious. And ignoring that black market, rather than addressing it will only make us less safe,”

The experience gathered from the three states that have legalized online gambling within their boundaries, Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey was said to be invaluable to Congress.  “Congress’s response should not be to roll back these consumer protections in favor of some sort of modern-day prohibition,”

Prohibition doesn’t work it just drives things underground and creates a place where criminals can hide. America should take a page out of the regulations imposed in the United Kingdom a regulatory platform that has been working well for years with great success for both the consumer and the government coffers.


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