Huge Australian Online Gambling Study Released

Published Thursday, April 03, 2014 -
Huge Australian Online Gambling Study Released

The Australian government is serious about gambling regulations and licensing. It has been a political topic in various parts of the nation with unexpected consequences for some politicians. In order for the government to understand the industry better a study has been completed that surveyed the, who, what, where, and why of the online gambling habits of Australians.

Gambling Research Australia, a problem gambling initiative involving both federal and state governments commissioned the survey. The resulting survey is 432 pages long and is available on the internet. The telephone study revealed that the prevalence of problem gambling was 0.6% and the authors stipulated insufficient evidence was gathered to conclude that online gambling was connected with elevated rates of problem gambling.

The research also concluded from the 15k Australian adult residents in the latter part of 2011 and an online survey in 2012 involving nearly 4,600 participants were most male and young. The single smart young man with a good job likes to gamble a little online.

Eighty one percent of online gamblers also gambled offline, and seventy eight percent of online gamblers did more than half their total gambling online. Only approximately ten percent gambled either online or offline exclusively. Betting on sporting events was the most played type of online gambling. The next things that were bet online were the casino games next the lottery and then poker.

It was interesting to note that the mobile betting trend has not caught on in Australia with only approximately fourteen percent reporting that they placed their bets via a smart phone or other mobile devise.  Those surveyed by this very extensive report said they preferred online gambling over land based casinos for the convenience. Other most benefits included competitive advantage over land-based gambling options, and the physical comfort of gambling at home in private. It was revealed with government figures an estimated sixty percent of Australia‚Äôs total online gambling activity takes place with offshore sites.


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