Greek Online Gambling Monopoly Saga Continues

Published Sunday, April 13, 2014 -
Greek Online Gambling Monopoly Saga Continues

The Greek saga about the online gambling industry in that jurisdiction continues to entertain as much as the patience of the participants can endure. Without a doubt the European Commission is standing its ground with regards to the situation created by the formerly government owned gambling monopoly  OPAP. The recent press report by the Ekathimerini news source point out that the Greek government & its former state owned gambling monopoly OPAP is trying once again to enshrine the monopoly  in rules governing online gambling.

The Greek gambling group OPAP which was recently sold to the Emma Delta consortium for Euro 652 million has been raising the hackles of European online gambling operators who have demanded the  European Commission do something about the monopoly’s constant violation of European Union e- commerce regulations on free trade among nations in the Union.

Greek Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras has been pushing its agenda through parliament to enable an OPAP monopoly.  The European Commission has asked for details of the consideration paid by OPAP for exclusive online gambling rights. The Greek government has been playing a shell game with the E.C. in attempts to slake allegations of wrong doing by the E.C.

With the Greek government attempting to legislate new online gambling licenses the stakes are becoming massive for the new owners of the monopoly the Emma Delta consortium. They are being sued by some members of the Remote Gaming Association who are alleging  deliberately dismissed the member’s  applications for gambling licenses in order to secure the sale of OPAP to Emma Delta.

The European Commission has been doing its best to voice its objections to the Greek government’s attempt to secure a monopoly online gambling license for the Emma Delta OPAP group to last exclusively until 2020. Should the government succeed in its quest for authority over OPAP there could be serious repercussions for the GTech powered sports book in the Greek jurisdiction.

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