Ontario's Online Gambling Launch Expected Soon

Published Wednesday, July 09, 2014 - Online-Casinos.com
Ontario's Online Gambling Launch Expected Soon

Ontario Canada is a very large place with the provincial capital of Toronto being the country’s largest metropolis located on Lake Ontario. A bid for a land based casino on the waterfront was dislodged by public concern over the newly established neighbourhood consisting of the younger demographic.

There are government run casinos operated by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and those operated by Tribal interests which OLG is still responsible for. The big casino north of the city in Orillia called Casino Rama is Tribal run and hosts big name live entertainment as well as a spectacular hotel all with the Native theme. The government does make a bit of revenue operating the OLG at $6.7 billion CAD in 2012.

The OLG casinos are relatively tame in comparison to some of the bigger casinos close to the US border in Niagara Falls and Windsor. The next big thing which seems to be taking forever is legal online gambling brought to the punting public by the OLG. The web site says it’s coming for sure in 2014, and it has been suggested that will be in the fall because summer is here and the corporation hasn’t hyped the launch as yet.

The site does say though that PlayOLG will launch in 2014 with interactive casino-style games for online play. The government says it will offer slots, video poker and table games. There is no mention of sports betting. OLG says purchasing lottery tickets will be easier as soon as they install new long-term lottery play services and soon after launch, PlayOLG will offer even more ways to order tickets early. OLG is currently in the site development phase and an announcement on timelines will be provided once the go-live date is finalized. The introduction of online gambling has taken time in Ontario but with the  provincial election now out of the way it will be full steam ahead.









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