Top Ten Online Casino Gambling Tips

As excited as you may be to get started gambling at online casinos, please take the time to read the following first. Below I have put together a list of some very useful online gambling advice for you.

  1. Know Your Local Laws Regarding Online Gambling.

    You should be aware that some places it is in fact illegal to be gambling over the internet. Make sure online gambling is not illegal in your area before you start wagering online. In you are unsure, contact the local authorities and inquire first.
  2. Know The Casino You Are Placing Your Bets With.

    You should read up about the casino before you start playing with them. Simply visit the casinos own web site and investigate if they have a proper license to run a online casino. You can usually read a lot of info about a online casino on the casinos "About Us" page. It's also always nice to know who actually owns and runs the casino and how the casino banking is handled. A good online casino will provide these details on their web site.
  3. Play Casino Games For Free.

    Most serious online casinos will let you try their casino software for free. You should try to play at a couple of casinos for free before you decide where to play. There is no reason to deposit money in the first casino you stumble upon. Play for free and find out what is available and what your preference is.
  4. Look Around For The Best Customer Support.

    Before you deposit money with a online casino - it is a good idea to find out how the customer support will most likely react, if you run into problems of any kind. Will they be available at all? You should be looking for phone numbers and email addresses on the casinos web site. The customer support should be reachable by phone 24/7 - 365 days a year. And e-mails should be answered within a couple of hours throughout the day as well. Does the casino have a LIVE support chat program on the web site? Perhaps you should consider sending them an email with a question, calling them, or trying out their live support chat.
  5. Know What Payout Options You Have.

    Find out how the casino pays out winnings to you. Do they charge a fee for doing this and what options will you have to choose from if you are lucky and win big? Also you should be aware that a few casinos will only payout up to $5000 a week. So, if you are a high roller you don't want to play with such a casino.
  6. Check Out The Bonuses.

    Most online casinos give away free bonuses to new players - and some even to returning players once a month. This is free gambling money. BUT remember to read the fine print found in the Terms & Conditions on the casinos web site. Normally a online casino will require you place a minimum number of bets before you are allowed to cash out the free bonus money they give you.
  7. Know The Games And How They Should Be Played.

    You should be aware that variations in the rules of 'the same' casino games can affect your chances of winning - for example a blackjack game at casino A might be better then the blackjack game offered by casino B. Similar a video poker machine is not just a video poker machine - you will have to look at the video poker paytables to find the best video poker machine. Small variations in the rules will affect your chances of winning - just like in Las Vegas the rules will not be exactly the same from casino to casino.
  8. Protect Your Personal Data.

    All serious online casinos use a secure line to protect your personal data. When you are about to type in personal data - you should make sure that you are on a secure line with the casino. You can look for one of the following: A small lock symbol on the bottom of your browser window and/or that the address to the casino starts with https:// and not just http:// - the (s) stands for "Secure Line".
  9. Play To Win Money.

    You should know what casino games that gives you the best expected return and how to play the casino games properly. If you want to play blackjack - remember to print out a copy of my free blackjack chart. If you want to play Jacks or Better video poker - remember to print out a easy strategy for jacks or better video poker.
  10. Have Fun.

    Remember that it is supposed to be fun - It will never be as fun as real Las Vegas but there is no reason why it should not be funny. Granted, you are playing in the comfort of your home but you might as well do whatever it takes to get the most out of the online gambling experience. Pour yourself a drink, fire up a good cigar, whatever. There is nobody better to pamper the player than you.
I hope you can use these 10 Online Gambling Tips.
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