Bitcoin Sports Book Launched Before Premier League Start

Published Sunday, August 09, 2015 -
Bitcoin Sports Book Launched Before Premier League Start

The premier league football series is about to commence in Europe and online gambling firms are ready and able to help with the fun. While some gambling enterprises are sponsors of the teams others are offering betting opportunities and bonuses.

The use of virtual currency has become a big part of online betting for some patrons. As the season for football fans begins the use of online betting sites also increases.  A new site Coingaming was recently launched using bitcoin currency to entice those who depend on the use of the virtual money bitcoin. Coingaming is a leading platform provider which specializes in the provisioning of Bitcoin virtual currency solutions for internet gambling businesses. The firm has developed a white-label software solution for its sports book offering which specializes in the use of the bitcoin currency exchange.

Coingaming also released a licensed Bitcoin only gaming platform that offers Microgaming Quickfire games. Integration with Quickfire, powered by Microgaming, provides operators that use the Coingaming Bitcoin only casino platform with access to over 400 games.

Now the Coingaming sports book can be integrated with other digital betting channels maintained by online gambling operators. Using bitcoin has its advantages especially when the punter wants to avoid the high transaction fees that are often applied to e-wallets. Coingaming communications director Mark McGuinness confirmed that sports fans would be able to expect those advantages the same as those who use them while in online casinos.

Bitcoin is gaining traction in the online casino industry and with its availability expanding trend has been strong. Some punters are still not sure about bitcoin virtual currency and have been slow in taking up its use. Goldman Sachs revealed recently that 51% of respondents from a US study had not used bitcoin. Smaller online gambling service providers are offering bitcoin but as yet the big guns have not made a move to its wide spread use.




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