Tracking Software Unfair for Online Poker Players

Published Thursday, September 10, 2015 -
Tracking Software Unfair for Online Poker Players

The world has an incredible network for online poker players which gives players of every kind of poker in almost any language anytime anywhere a chance to play. The system of poker rooms offers the professionals a domain to hone their skills become media celebrities all while winning or losing sizable sums of real money.

A recent post in PokerListings asked poker professional Patrik Antonius why he hasn’t been present at online poker tournaments and games. He is maintaining that online poker is no longer a fair game because of the use of player tracking software. Antonius explained to PokerListings that, “the technology has advanced so much that it’s become a totally different game,’ so much so that if you don’t use tracking software, “it’s not a fair game anymore.”

Tracking software has changed the game, Antonius said that poker, “has become more of a game of numbers.” Players were basing so many of their decisions on what the software told them to do that “it feels like you’re playing against a computer these days.”

It was suggested the use of software that takes advantage of the weaker less informed casual player was a contributor to the decline of the game on a global scale caused by the frustration when the machine assisted hand always takes the game. The introduction of anonymous tables and poker rooms, and blocking the use of poker tracking software is being offered.

The most recent online betting opportunity daily fantasy sports betting are becoming increasingly unfair because of the use of prediction algorithms. Stats have confirmed that just 1.3% of all daily fantasy sports players accounted for 40% of fees and won 91% of player profits. The bulk of the top guns spent an average of $9,100 on fees, on which they realized profits of $2,400, while this group also accounted for 23% of all fees and 77% of the profits. It sounds like a numbers game for those in the know.






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