Online Gambling Impact On Czechia Youth

Published Tuesday, September 20, 2016 -
Online Gambling Impact On Czechia Youth

It is an obvious fact that the internet has made a lot of things a lot more accessible to a lot more people. The issue of control over the internet has been a battle for many divergent groups some of which believe firmly the web is addictive in itself and that it adds a sinister edge to other addictions.

The problem of addiction to online gambling is the accessibility that is presented with mobile and free gaming available to almost all demographic categories. It is youth and the elderly that appear to be most vulnerable to being reckless while participating in internet betting.

One European nation the rebranded Czech Republic, Czechia boasts a free thinking social system and since it became its own country in 1993 has been dealing with a rise in alcohol consumption gambling and other vices. Other former eastern bloc nations such as Hungary have also faced challenges with liberal attitudes that were going unchecked and some have take measures to curb the peoples’ appetites’ for gambling.

Prague has many casinos which by some accounts is too many with slot machines being a favourite among Czechs who are offered free alcohol to keep playing by some establishments.  Czechia has nearly 70,000 electronic gaming machines nationwide, which is the most of any jurisdiction in Europe.

The problem of addiction to gambling is most evident in the youthful demographic which has access and has disposable income to bet online with sports, casino games or cards. There are a great number of sponsorships available to sports organizations offered by online gambling and sports betting service providers so it is hard for youth to learn it can be dangerous to gamble in excess. The pressure of not being able to pay overdue bills because of gambling debt can lead to serious health problems and social breakdown. The government of Czechia is doing its best to help those who have issues with problem gambling by recognizing the need and providing professional solutions.



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